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                Kaiju Assault "Hazard" Expansion set!

Our latest addition to the game adds 27 more card, new military cards, and a new element to Kaiju Assault. See details in the store page!

Next we begin working on the "Legendary" and "Badges" expansion sets.

We put a bunch of effort into balancing and testing before creating cards.

Most of the cards in the Hazard set have been in the testing and balancing stage since before the current base game was available! With Kaiju Assault we strive to give everyone the best even if it means our Delagon or Prixius has to wait while they get tested.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

                     DragonFyre set reprinted!


If you missed this beautiful set from Dragonfyre studios

then you get another opportunity to finish out your Kaiju Assault collection!

Head over to the shop and get your set today!

bio Back.jpg

Originally conceived as a monster mash up where all your favorite kaiju could battle it out, the game and it's kaiju have since evolved. Kaiju Assault has released an all-new starter pack consisting of 50 original creations. In 2017, the creators were given an opportunity to release a series of expansion packs using licensed kaiju such as: Atomic Rex, Goryo and the Fire Beast Dorugan!

In 2018 we released an all-new expansion pack featuring Dragonfyre studios’ colossal kaiju, Irokus! With these new licensed packs, the creators (Brandon Phillips, Jack Armstrong, and kaiju creator Alan Berckenhoff) felt it was time to create an all-new starter pack utilizing all original monsters, allowing them to take the game directions not possible in the past. They spent a year designing and creating new monsters, moves and powers to elevate the game to a new level. The game is for ages 7 and up. Play the Assault. Feel the Assault. Kaiju Assault!

T2 Back.jpg
T4 Back.jpg

Welcome to the new Kaiju Assault!

Kaiju Assault now hosts an entirely original cast of kaiju in the starter set!

Our cast of 50 new kaiju are joined by 8 kaiju from DragonFyre Studios' kaijuverse as well as

8 more kaiju from Dane Kroll's "Realm of Goryo" series with another author expansion set!


Out with the old in with the new! The new starter also carries a fresh military deck with our

new KARRD logo. K.A.R.R.D. also known as the Kaiju Assault Research and Retaliation Division

are a specially trained task force that handles kaiju related disasters.

Expect more KARRD personnel to show up in future expansions.


We (jack) noticed that the 'Fly By' card should have been reversed to read properly...

check the errata page for the intended writing if you have not played with 'Fly By' before.

Suffix E: Cannot be used on consecutive turns. (pretty much like beams)

Store Reopened 2018!

With G-fest over our remaining stock in back on the list for web sales, now including the 4 new licensed expansions that debuted at G-fest! We have, however, sold out of Starter sets. If you do not have a starter deck yet we suggest waiting until more become available before buying any expansions. Also, your Kaiju Assault team is working on changing the "rulebooklet" into "Rule Cards"!


Heading to G-fest 2018!

The webstore will be closed during the event but will reopen once we return.

If you are at G-fest come play some games in the gaming room with the creators!!!


Kaiju Assault Format Update


It is getting close to this year's Gfest and with the release of new licensed characters, and our own kaiju creations forthcoming after that, We are excited to announce some updates that have been requested by fans are being implemented.


Kaiju attacks will be color coded in the future sets!
Melee red, Beam blue, Projectile green, White for abilities/passives, and Gold for unique!

This will ensure that everyone knows what type their attacks are.


We are also updating our backings to give a bit more flare and while they will stand apart from previous sets, that are no longer in production, all future cards will match.

Check it out!

T5 Back.jpg
T3 Back.jpg
T1 Back.jpg

Prepare For a Surprise!


We at Kaiju Assault have been working with some fantastic Authors of Kaiju Fiction to bring some of their creations into the game. I can tell you that Atomic Rex, Chimera, and others are excited to get in on the carnage and win some games with you so come by Gfest this year and pick up these Storybook Titan expansion sets!

Each set including '8' unique Kaiju and a bio card

for those unfamiliar with the rich stories they come from!


Also check out our links page under the contact tab which will grow as we obtain direct links for to our artist's and author's pages.

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